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Best Oral Health Practices

Maintaining optimum oral health really isn’t all that difficult, and it only takes a few simple steps to keep your teeth in excellent health.

The first step is oral cleanliness, and the second one is to schedule regular appointments with your Denver dentist, Dr. Worley.

Both of these steps will enable you to always enjoy gorgeous teeth and healthy gums!  And what’s the outcome?  An awesome smile of course!

Dental hygiene is an important element of sustaining health and well being. Regular visits to Highline Dental Care, the best in Denver dentistry, will maintain your teeth and oral wellness in ideal over-all condition and will also prevent you from experiencing tooth decay, cavities or even gum complications.

The American Dental Association (“ADA”) recommends that you visit your Denver dental professional a minimum of 2 times a year. The ADA also recommends a thorough brushing with tooth paste every time you have a meal. Whenever your teeth are not cleaned or brushed thoroughly, the adverse effects of inferior dental hygiene could vary – from tooth decay, cavities and perhaps even tooth loss.

The signs of tooth decay are as follows:  Detectable holes in your teeth, soreness when you chew along with a feeling of sensitivity in and around your teeth.

Routine professional cleaning of your teeth will also help protect against cavities, which in turn can result in bacteria that could eventually develop into gum disease. The tooth cavity-causing bacteria feeds on glucose and discharges acids or plaque on the enamel. These types of bacteria are usually always present in our mouths, so reducing sugary foods as well as having your teeth professionally cleaned by your Denver cosmetic dentist on a regular basis will help support the prevention of tooth decay.

It is advisable to observe these standard practices as precautionary measures intended for maintaining great oral health.

Brushing Your Teeth

When you brush your teeth, we advise to devote a minimum of two to three minutes, and we recommend brushing after every meal, and no less than twice each day.

Effective brushing of teeth necessitates a circular motion, from one end of the mouth area to the other. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and always use toothpaste that contains fluoride – that makes the brushing much more beneficial.


We recommend flossing at the same frequency as brushing your teeth.  Dental floss loosens and eliminates any food particles that your tooth brush cannot reach. The optimal method to use dental floss is to press the floss gently between your teeth towards the gums.

Mouth Wash

We recommend using a mouth wash that contains fluoride, as fluoride removes the bacteria responsible for plaque build-up, which in turn causes tooth decay and gum disorders.

Mouth washing two times a day produces outstanding dental hygiene results.

Routine Dental Visits

The ADA recommends that you see your Denver dentist a minimum of 2 visits a year. Semi-annual visits support in diagnosing any dental issues in their initial phases, and will therefore help prevent major complications.

Relaxation Dentistry

We understand that many people are reluctant to visit their dentist, mostly due to “dental anxiety”. At Highline, the best dentist in Denver has a cure for that by using nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”. Nitrous oxide was designed to calm anxiety, and provides painless and stress-free dental treatments. Because the patients are calm and stress-free, Dr. Worley, your Denver dentist, and his staff can conduct multiple or possibly extensive dental procedures in just one session.

Services offered at Highline Dental Care:

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  • Aurora pediatric dentist
  • Denver cosmetic dentist
  • Aurora cosmetic dentist
  • Denver braces
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  • Denver teeth whitening
  • Aurora teeth whitening